Partner With Us!

Your thoughtful and Spirit-led gifts, seeds, purchases, and partnership help us to remain and press on as FULL-TIME ministers of the Gospel of the Kingdom to you and to the nations.

Your support also enables us to:

-Spread the true and full message of the Gospel of the Kingdom around the world and in Prince Edward Island, Canada through our outreach efforts and purchases of the book '' I did it all for you''. We distribute this powerful evangelism book everywhere we can on this Island.

-Train up the present-day remnant to make a deeper impact against the gates of hell and to stand strong as watchmen

-Provide insightful and prophetic weekly Bible teachings (broadcast and podcast) that are relevant to the times and seasons the Church is traversing through our YouTube & Rumble channel '' Thriving on Purpose''.

-Participate in helping the local homeless and needy in Prince Edward Island (Canada). We try to contribute as much as we can to our local food banks (Upper Room Ministries..etc)

-Bless and encourage other Kingdom ministries as the Lord leads.

-Equip and encourage leaders to develop Kingdom mindset, maturity, and character through courses, speaking engagements, and various curriculums

-Publish powerful and life-changing books that build-up, challenge, and equip Kingdom citizens.

-Expose deception, tear down strongholds, and proclaim the TRUTH of Scripture throughout many platforms.

The vast majority of our supporters and partners do not give for the purpose of tax deductions, but instead they give to sow into the Kingdom of God.

They know their reward is from The Most High God and they give according to the Biblical mandate and blueprint of sowing and reaping. 

It is important that you know that THE LORD clearly instructed us to establish Thriving on Purpose as a company which pays appropriate taxes on its income. We are not a tax exempt ministry. That said, we want you to rest assured that we pray over each supporter and monthly partner who sows in this ministry so that your seed reaps a plentiful harvest.

We greatly appreciate your generosity and your giving, but Thriving on Purpose cannot provide a tax-deductible receipt for your donation at this time. 

In return we will pray over your seed so that you may have a bountiful harvest in return! Every seed, no matter how small is recognized by the King of Kings.

Remember it's not the amount but the MEASURE by which you sow that brings a full harvest :)

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